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Fixing water in Pasadena Maryland

February 23rd, 2012 | Posted by Jerry Lloyd | No Comments - Be The First!

My wife Tina and I wish to commend the work of Jerry Lloyd to you in dealing with our situation at 300 Tennessee Ave. We recently discovered we have a salt intrusion in our well water and Jerry has gone above and beyond the call of duty in dealing with both the well water as well as the problematic water treatment equipment at this address.
Over the past couple of weeks he has frequently visited¬†our address to assess the situation, provide potential resolutions to our problem, and answer the many questions we have had. In all cases he was knowledgeable, patient, and informative. He has taken our phone calls and provided information to us even though we are not the owners of the property. In one case, he answered our call during his off-duty time. In another case he rushed over to our address in between service calls to answer the property manager’s questions and discuss the situation. In every case he answered our questions without being condescending or making us feel awkward.

Over the past few years we have had occasion to believe our problems went further than cranky equipment, but have had difficulty persuading anyone this was the case. Within fifteen minutes of arriving he made a preliminary diagnosis which later testing proved to be correct. Subsequently, he provided potential solutions according to our wishes and what the property owner was willing to commit to.

Jerry has truly provided superb service. We wish that every service technician could exhibit his level of expertise and customer relations. If that were the case, dealing with home problems of any type would almost be a pleasure.

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